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Throwback Thursday: Young and the Restless – May 24 2010

Ashley phoned Abby and demanded that she come home immediately. Abby, lounging in a jewelry store, first told her mom she was busy. Abby agreed to meet her mom and Victor later. Jonathan, the jeweler, greeted Abby warmly. Abby set up a video camera. Abby announced that she wanted to capture her viewers’ favorite heiress shopping for something sparkly. Jonathon displayed a couple of bejeweled necklaces, but Abby insisted on something with larger stones, which would befit a Newman. Abby addressed the lens of her video camera and said, “I am a Newman and an Abbott, so I always get what I want!” Abby swooned when Jonathon presented a diamond-encrusted choker. Abby placed the necklace in view of the camera and purred, “This is perfection. I’ll take it.”

After Victor arrived at Ashley’s, she told him that they should treat Abby as an adult, remain calm, and not overreact. Victor criticized Abby’s plan to underwrite a ridiculous reality show with money from her trust funds. Abby arrived acting smug and rebellious. Victor announced that he and Ashley had a couple of ideas that should appeal to Abby. Ashley decisively added that Abby’s plan for a reality show was off the table.

Abby brazenly demanded access to both of her trust funds, the one from Victor and the one from Brad and Colleen. Victor suggested that Abby might enjoy producing features about fashion for local television broadcasts. Ashley suggested Abby become the spokesmodel for Glow by Jabot. Abby explained that she was much more ambitious and wished to maintain total control of her career. Abby maintained that business savvy and killer instincts were in her blood. Abby added that she was a grown woman and deserved an opportunity to try it her way. Victor warned his daughter not to become involved in something she’d later regret.

Victor was incensed when his accountant phoned and told him that Abby had charged a necklace that cost $85,000. Victor observed that Abby wasn’t behaving responsibly, and he demanded Abby give up her credit cards. Ashley ordered Abby to return the necklace, but Abby claimed she didn’t have it. Ashley warned that if Abby continued to act like a spoiled child, they would treat her like one. Victor added that Abby’s reality would be learning to live on her own without any access to her trust funds. Abby fumed.

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